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Nook was built to empower credit unions to execute niche banking strategies without the need for their own independent resources and expertise they don’t currently have and can’t afford to acquire.

Scalable Content Solution


Content is the bedrock of modern marketing. But it takes a lot of work. We make it easy. 

Easy Integration


No need for lengthy integration periods or technical expertise. We can provide you with your own niche brand platform faster than ever before.

Exposure to New Leads


Our inbound marketing engine engages readers across the country and directs them to your products. 

Increased Member Engagement


Leverage Nook to send your members frequent, highly relevant educational resources.

Build Trust In Your Brand


By creating helpful, educational, and entertaining content, you can become a more trusted authority in members' lives.

Supplement Your Marketing


Get the benefit of your own niche brand strategy without sacrificing existing marketing efforts.

"The entire banking industry is in the midst of exponential change fueled by new technologies. Consumers now make purchase decisions long before they walk into a physical branch location if they walk into a branch at all. At the same time, mobile banks, digital lenders, and fintechs have transformed traditional growth models rooted in legacy broadcast marketing and branch sales strategies."

- James Robert Lay, Author of Banking on Digital Growth

Top-tier banks and credit unions understand this and have been shifting their focus to building powerful online brands, specifically niche brands designed to engage consumers through helpful and entertaining content. 

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